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Put a SMILE on your Dash or on a Friend's Face for just a Few Bucks.

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Your Logo on our Flower

Be Part of the Solar Revolution!
Put it on your dashMake a Solar Statement by putting a Solar Flower on your the dash of your car. Let your flower wave to others to spread the word about being green.
The sun makes the Solar Flower dance.
No need for batteries or electricity.
The Perfect Gift Solution!
the perfect gift solution Itís economical and the flower wonít ever wilt like a real flower. Whenever the sun comes back, the dancing will start again. The Solar Flower causes contagious smiling and what could be better than that kind of contagion?
For the person that has Everything!
xxxGet Points.
Give a solar flower.

They will love the thought and it is guaranteed to put and smile on their face. It is hard to see, but this guy IS smiling.
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